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Consumer Debt Collection


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Consumer Debt Collection

Persistence and personal contact is the key to successful consumer debt collection. Alison will obtain excellent collections through a combination of tried and tested methods.

Assessment of financial status, and instalment plans negotiated

Alison will evaluate whether the debtor won't pay or simply doesn't have the means to pay, therefore cannot afford to pay in full, and needs to agree an instalment plan.

Debt Monitoring

The circumstances of a consumer debtor can change quickly, for example he may obtain employment, new contracts, remortgage his property etc. Alison will be in regular contact with the debtor and will re-assess their situation with a view to increasing instalments or settling the account in full.

Legal Recovery

Should the debt prove unrecoverable using all the above means, Alison will instigate legal action through the court system.

Statutory Demands

This procedure for debts in excess of £1000, and where there is no dispute, has been proven as a fast and effective way to ensure payment, where traditional methods of enforcement often fail. This is a service which can be used to serve the individual or company debtor. Most debtors issued with a Statutory demand will either pay in full or negotiate an acceptable installment plan.