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Commercial Debt Collection

Bespoke action depending on the debt age, type and criteria

Not all debts are the same. To achieve the best chance of recovery, each customer/debt must be treated individually and the most effective collection techniques used depending on age, type and criteria of each case. Each case is analyzed, and a decision taken as to the quickest and most effective route to obtain payment.

Proactive collection by telephone

The most important and effective way to collect debt is to contact the customer/debtor by phone. Alison will use her persistence and persuasion to ensure maximum return for the client. Excuses are overcome and disputes resolved.

Regular progress reports

It is key to clients to be aware of the action being taken on their cases, and important they are kept informed of progress throughout. Reports will be bespoke to client's requirements.

Query resolution service

In the current economic climate, increasingly debtors are finding creative ways to avoid payment by raising spurious queries, sometimes for only a small part of the total debt due. Alison will negotiate and quickly establish the facts of each case, and queries will be resolved and settled quickly without the need for lengthy litigation.